French Ligue’s 5-Referee System and Its Effect on the EPL

French Ligue’s 5-Referee System and Its Effect on the EPL

In 2010, France’s first division started implementing a new system that most European leagues haven’t done before. The French Ligue 1 introduced a five-man referee system in July of that year under the approval of the International Football Association Board. This system was aimed to improve the officiating, with the two additional officials tasked to guard the penalty area. This was just one of many steps that the French Ligue 1 has taken to become Europe’s best. On the far side of the country, there is the English Premier League, an institution having problems with its refereeing system. Just like the French Ligue 1, the EPL works to become one of Europe’s top leagues. But with the innovation that its French counterpart adopted, will it be able to keep its status? Yes, the EPL has top referees who work in UEFA Champions League and other continental cups. They have Mike Dean, Howard Webb, Phil Dowd, and Mark Cluttenberg who are constant figures in continental leagues. For sure, they feel the pressure to make fair officiating in every game. Question is, do they need the help of two more referees?

IFAB is an organization established to preserve football’s beauty. They approved the 5-referee system to make officiating fair. Following this, will not hurt the EPL. European leagues are racing to become the world’s best and are focusing on improving its officiating system, is one perfect way to do it. Game changes and football are not spared. Physical sport or not, changing the way the game is played is the most necessary thing to do. One example is in online poker. Right now, there are many softwares available that can make online poker more exciting. Among the most used online poker tools are multitables which allow a single player to own multiple seats at a poker table. Other widely used online tools are hand converters, bots, and odds calculators. These softwares are commonly used on top poker sites like where games are as tough as major poker tournaments. With tournaments that let you qualify for the World Poker Tour, poker’s biggest stage, expect players on this website to elevate their skills. Partypoker, which is available on tablet and smartphones, doesn’t just offer games that let you win cash prizes, it offers world class gameplay as well.

The French Ligue 1 and the EPL are two top-tier leagues in the world. They are two of the oldest and two of the most watched. If they want to maintain their status, changes must be made. The French Ligue 1 has made a move and seeks to introduce more to better satisfy their fans, a mentality that will surely please its followers and UEFA President Michel Platini. The EPL should do the same.

Mark Clattenburg

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