Ref Reveiw 2012/13: Anthony Taylor – Disastrous when it comes to penalties


By Walter Broeckx


This article is part of the series of the Referee Review 2013. You can find links to earlier articles on the bottom of this article.




Next ref in our series that are done in alphabetical order we have ref  Anthony Taylor. Ref Taylor has done 24 games in the PL in the season 2012/2013. And we have reviewed him in 14 games. That means we have done 58,33% of his games. So should give us a fair view on his performance in the PL.


First we look at all the decisions he made in the matches we could review:


A Taylor all


Taylor had to make some 1858 decisions in these 14 games. And 1600 of those decisions were judged as correct. Of course by now you know that judging them as correct is not the same as being correct completely. When we can’t judge a call or when we are not 100% sure he made a mistake we call the decision correct. But it might be that when we would have other angles to see that the call could have been incorrect. But by this method we see that when we look at all the calls he had to make that Ref Taylor was correct in 86,11% of the decisions. Not disastrous I would say.


But we have to say that for decisions like a throw in, goal kicks etc we can not really check most of those decisions. So we have judged them correct in most cases without checking.


Now we move on to  the important decisions. As this can give us a better impression on how his decision making is.


A Taylor imp


And we can see that in the 14 games we reviewed ref Taylor had to make 835 important decisions. We now see that his score suddenly drops to 71,26% correct calls. And that is a big drop compared to his overall decisions. We point at the fact that these type of decisions are decisions we can check better in general, as many fouls are shown in slow motion and so we can see if he did a good job or not. His foul calling isn’t really up to the standard I feel. Only 73% is too low for me.  I think refs in the PL should be aiming at a score around 80%.


The best type of decisions to get right are the goal decisions. But even there I feel this number is too low. Almost 14% of the goal decisions were wrong in the 14 games he did last season. 6 goals were wrongly awarded or cancelled by the ref and as goals decide the points this is bad.


Our calling for immediate video review of the goals could be a big help for this ref and for a fairer final result. In Belgium in the highest division they have said that having 2 game changing decisions wrong over a season can cost you your place in the top league. Taylor is lucky that he is doing his job in England and under the PGMOL, an organisation which doesn’t seem too bothered to be as strict as other leagues.


His penalty decisions are also rather disastrous numerically. 72% of his penalty decisions were wrong. This is disgraceful.


And the distributions of yellow and red cards are also bad.


It is cleat that the first not completely bad numbers were covered up with the decisions where he had the help from his assistants who saved his score for a big part.


Now let us see if there are teams who had some favours from his mistakes or who have suffered a big deal.


a Taylor bias


And we can see that we do have a few teams that have a zero bias score with Taylor in charge. The lucky teams are Stoke, Manchester City, WBA and Liverpool.


Then we have a few teams who have a low positive bias in their favour. Manchester United, Everton, QPR and Fulham are those teams.  The teams that seems to have a big bias in their favour are Norwich, Reading, Wigan and Sunderland.  Taylor seems to have give them a lot of favours in the last season. And certainly Sunderland seems to have a good relationship with Taylor.


But when there are winners, there are also losers or teams that have suffered from his mistakes. Aston Villa and West Ham have suffered but not with big numbers. Chelsea and Swansea were hit a bit higher in paying for the mistakes of the ref. And both Southampton and Arsenal didn’t get anything from this ref last season at first sight.  These are bad negative bias numbers for these teams.


It seems that Taylor doesn’t like those teams.


FINAL CONCLUSION: The overall numbers are not great and when we take the important decisions the numbers go down to a level that is too low for the PL and certainly for my liking. I think if the PL wants to be the best league in the world they have to have better refs than Taylor. And yet…the PGMOL has rewarded Taylor with a FIFA badge if I’m not mistaken. Certainly for a FIFA ref these numbers are unacceptable.


I wonder on what the PGMOL has based themselves to promote Taylor to being a FIFA ref. It seems that they have seen other games than we have. Or maybe they didn’t check all the games themselves?

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